Smart Dual Remedy (Bandit)

HIP #33

Dusty Holland

Consignor Bio

  • Rope Heel - Prospect
  • Kid Horse - Prospect
  • Ranch Horse - Finished
  • Parade Horse - Prospect
  • Trail - Finished

On Scale of 1-10 = 4
horse disposition scale
Sex: Gelding
Color: Sorrel
Height: 15.2
Weight: 1240
Registration Status:
Registration Number: 5966110
Date of Birth: 4/20/2019
Age in Years (Grade): 4
VIDEO | Smart Dual Remedy (Bandit)

DESCRIPTION | Smart Dual Remedy (Bandit)
Smart Dual Remedy (Bandit) is a very flashy four year old that we have been riding since he was two. He has always been very gentle and willing to please. He has been used extensively on the ranch gathering big country and trailing cows, pulling the calf sled during calving season, dragging calves to the fire during branding season and sorting in the alley way. He has been roped on outside to doctor numerous bulls, cows, yearlings and calves. He ties off and works a rope well. This gentle gelding goes through brush, crosses down tress and cross through water with no issue. Bandit is good to load in the trailer, shoe, loves attention, is the first to greet you at the gate and strives to please. Bandit is ready and has potential to go in any direction you want to take him. For more information or questions please contact Dusty Holland 406-580-1979 or Cassie Holland 406-220-0227
BLEMISHES | Smart Dual Remedy (Bandit)
PEDIGREE | Smart Dual Remedy (Bandit)
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