Consignment Info

Consignment period ends January 1st with consignments being accepted on a first come first serve basis. Best of the Rockies Committee reserves the right to refuse any horse not meeting the Cody Horse Sale Quality.


  • December 30th:  Sale Requirement - Consignment Fee Payment
          Pay by check or via PayPal-using email
          $250 Registered horses, receipt of papers in consignors name with payment.
          $350 Nonregistered horses or no registration papers, $100 will be refunded when horse is sold.
          $350 No Sale/No Show Fee on all riding horses. New consignors will pay this fee up front.
          Payment must be made before access to website is given. 
          We will not carry funds for anyone.
          Nominatrion entry deadline to Website. 
            REQUIREMENT: All consignment info, video’s (one at a minium) and photo’s must be posted
                   to the website to be accepted in the 2021 auction.
  • January 1, 2021, Cody Horse Sale Committee, Review and Acceptance of Consignments.
            Professional Style Photo’s and Video’s are required for acceptance into the 2021 auction.
  • January 15, 2021, Notification of Acceptance in Auction
            Refund of consignment fees mailed to those not accepted.
            No refunds of Consignment fees following Acceptance in the Auction.
            Consigments will be given Lot #'s for sale order and Consignment Pages will Go Live.
            Page Links will be emailed to consignor's for use in any sharing or promoting for each consignment.
  •  Photo Requirements:  A maximum of 12 professional photos can be uploaded to the website for advertising.  Photos (a maximum size of 5MB per photo) are required for the promotion of the horses in posters, flyers and the catalogue.   Photo(s) required, NO EXCEPTIONS

  • Video Requirements:  All Horse Video’s must be placed on YouTube and the Youtube Link Used on the website before accepted in the 2021 Auction.  A maximum of 5 video’s can be uploaded to the website for advertising and to be shown on the Irma Lounge Big Screen TV. Video(s) Required, NO EXCEPTIONS   

  • By Consignment to the Cody Horse Sale, Consignor grants the EXCLUSIVE RIGHT TO SELL the consignment subject to the above provisions.
  • Consignments; All Horse information, Professional high resolution photos and Video must be entered online to be entered in the sale.
  • Cody Horse Sale does not allow substitutions or replacements once a horse has been consigned, entered online and accepted as a consignment.
  • Consignor agrees to not privately sell the consigned horse.  To withdraw your original consigned horse from the Cody Horse Sale it must be injured or sick and must have a vet release to waive the no sale/no show fee.

FOR TRANSPORT (Coming to the Cody Horse Sale):  

  • All horses must have a coggins test current within six months of sale date.
  • All horses coming from a brand state & out of Park County must have a Brand Inspection.
  • All out of state horses must have current Health Papers to enter sale premises. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Absolutely no private sales in the yards before or after the auction. Management feels this is unfair to the consignors and buyers who have traveled to attend the sale. All horses brought to the sale must be consigned and go through our auction ring. We will leave it up to the integrity of the seller to forward any commission on horses that go through the ring as no sales, but are sold because of the advertising and efforts of the Cody Horse Sale.

An 8% commission or a minimum of  $350 charge on all riding horses sold. There will be a no-sale charge on riding horses of $350.00 in addition to the catalog fee. If a horse is pulled from the sale (scratched) there will be a no sale fee of $350 in addition to the catalog fee.

Animals that are rejected by the buyer because they are misrepresented in the ring will be charged 8%, same as if sold. Our veterinarian and Jake Clark must check these animals and will make the final determination whether there was misrepresentation.

All horses will be charged a $13.50 (or current fee as set by the Wyoming Livestock Board) brand inspection fee by state law.

Each Horse sold at Cody Country's Horse Sale will be guaranteed sound by the consignor.  If the horse is not considered sound, the buyer has until Monday following the sale, at 12 noon to have Jake Clark and Jake's veterinarian inspect the horse. Jake Clark will make the final determination as to soundness of the horse. If the horse is considered unsound, the buyer will be returned his purchase price, less fees. The seller of an unsound horse will not be paid for the horse and will be responsible for any fees in conjunction with the sale fees.

SOUNDNESS does not guarantee a vet check.  If the buyer wishes to have a full PreAuction Vet check prior to the Sale, the buyer must contact the consignor and make arrangements nearby for a specific vet check.

*Auctions Soundness Guarantee and Visual Vet Inspection will cover the following:
See out of both eyes clearly and correctly
Will be correct in the air
Will not crib
Will beat on all 4 feet soundly
Will verify age.

The buyer will be responsible to pick up the horse by Monday immediately following the Sale, or daily stall and feed costs will be due. Each consignor will be totally responsible for guarantees they make on their animals & additional guarantees other than those posted in writing will be made only from the auction block while the animal is being sold. Absolutely no guarantee or warranty will be expressed or implied by the auctioneers or ring men. If you are not happy with these guarantees, please do not consign your horse to this sale.

The buyer assumes full ownership of the animal from the time it is sold in the sale ring and is responsible for proper feed and care.

All consignors' checks will be mailed out within 10 business days of sale date. This allows time to verify any lien positions of the legal owner of the horse. EXCEPTION:  Horses that are Guaranteed Registered and are not in the Seller's Name, the Check will be held until the Registration Papers are transferred.

CHECK-IN:  All horses must be checked in no later than Friday at 10 am at The Jake Clark Mule Days Arena (downtown Ralston, WY—15 miles east of Cody) 

  • Stalls are provided for each consignment and will be available Thursday. Best way to promote your horse to all buyers that attend is to arrive early.
  • The Friday morning 10 am Visual Vet Inspection is required for all horses before they can be sold in the Auction, see Above Auction Soundness Guarantee.
  • The Friday afternoon 1 pm Ranch Horse Competition and event preview is a major promotion time for all horses in the sale. Cattle will be provided for any rope horses,barrels and poles provided as requested. Accommodations will be made for any other activities.
  • See "Schedule of Events" Page for Listing of Times for Ranch Horse Competition, Event Preview, Saturday Morning Preview & Sale Time.
  • Trailers will be provided for tying of sale horses in the downtown Auction location on the main street of Cody next to the Irma Hotel.
  • Because parking is limited in the downtown area, we ask that you drop your horse's downtown for the sale and park at least 3 blocks away to provide parking for your potential buyers. Please be careful of the property owners lawns when you unload your horses. Be sure that the automatic water spigots hidden in the grass are not stepped on or broken.

The horses must be returned to their stall at Jake Clark's Big Boulder Ranch.

Buyers must have a PAID RECEIPT to Pickup purchased Horses.

Buyers and sellers are cautioned to exercise care while bidding during the sale. Jake & Kay Clark, Best of the Rockies Committee; its principals, directors, officers, agents, employees and volunteers, and each and every landowner, municipal and/or government agency by which the Online Auction is conducted, shall NOT be liable for interruption of Auction Service, accuracy of all information that appears in the online sale catalog and previews. Buyers and Sellers agree to hold Clark Management Company, Inc. harmless from any claims arising out of any such inaccuracies or omissions.  There is no warranty expressed or implied by the sales company, sponsors, or Seller, as to the performing soundness, merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose of any horse offered in this sale, other than those made specifically by the Seller.

By consigning a horse to the Cody Horse Sale, as a consignor, I verify that I have read the Consignment Information along with Terms and Conditions for Consignors and hereby agree to be bound by them.

Jake and Kay Clark of Clark Management Company will conduct the Sale.  Clark Management Company is bonded and licensed with the Wyoming Livestock Board.

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