Horse Transportation


Licensed and insured equine transporters can be found on the internet; equine transport, or equine transporters.

SIGN-UP SHEETS - WILL HAUL:  add your name,by emailing: or texting kay 307.272.8792.
We can make no guarantees for people listed on these forms, this is a service we provide for buyers and persons that offer to haul horses.

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AFTER THE SALE ANIMAL CARE:  Buyers have until Monday, May 10th at 5pm to pick up their horse(s).  After that time there will be an additional charge of $10.00 per day.   This does not cover accidents, health issues or other unforeseen mishaps to an animal.  It is totally the Buyers responsibility for the welfare of any and all animals purchased.
Insurance can be obtained from the Cathie at Yellowstone Equine Hospital, 307.527.6968.

REQUIREMENTS FOR TRANSPORT:  All Horses must be paid in full prior to Release and transport of purchased horse.

Band Inspections: REQUIRED on all Sale Horses located in a Brand State.

REQUIRED for transport OUT of State where horse is currently located.

  • Coggins:  All horses SOLD are required to provided a coggins test current within six months of sale date.  (Provided by Consignors)  
  • Health Papers required for all sold horses.  (Can replace Brand Inspections if horse is located in a Non Brand State)

INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT REQUIREMENTS:  Health Fee is generally $150   See possible coggins exception below
Coggins:  Detailed Coggins are required for International Transport which must have all markings of the horse including; whirls, scars, brands, white marks, dark markings; ie as much detail as possible.  If the Coggins provided by the consignor is not satisfactory, The Vet at the Sale can provide this type of coggins as follows:  $70 additional charge includes overnight delivery.  Once Coggins is obtained the International Health application will be sent prior to 3p.m. for overnight delivery.  Border Crossing requires original International Health with the certified stamp.
Please verify with consignor of the horse you have an interest that the coggins will qualify for International Health to save you time and money.

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