Terms & Conditions

Consignor agrees to NOT privately sell their consigned horse.  To withdraw your original consigned horse from the Cody Horse Sale it must be injured or sick and must have a vet release to waive the no sale/no show fee.

Cody Horse Sale, Clark Management Company & its associates act as agents only and are not responsible for buyer/seller error or misunderstanding. All guarantees are strictly between the buyer and seller. Original Papers must be provided by the Seller to Clark Management Company in order for any horse to be sold as a Registered horse.

In further consideration of consignment to this year's auction, I agree to indemnify and defend the Clark Management Company, Jake and Kay Clark and the Best of the Rockies Committee, their agents and associates, from all injury, loss of equipment, loss of animal or damages to myself, my animals or damages or injury to others or lien property from my animals, by entering this Horse Sale at Cody, Wyoming. By Consigning a horse/animal to the Cody Horse Sale, it is agreed that delivery of said property to the Clark Management Company and declares that consignment is by the owner or legal agent and authorizes the sale thereof at public auction for his/her account according to its usual custom and represents the consignment is clear of all encumbrances unless listed above and may be legally sold.

Jake Clark reserves the right to refuse to sell a horse in the Cody Horse Sale if it is deemed unsafe for potential buyers or the horse is not shown as described by the catalog descriptions.

By paying the consignment fee and providing horse consignment information I hereby verify that I have read the Consignor Information along with Terms and Conditions for Consignors and hereby agree to be bound by them.

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