Invitation to Consign Your Horse

November 12, 2020

Thank You for being a past consignor.  We invite you to join the 23rd Annual Cody Horse Sale to be held May 8, 2021, in downtown Cody, Wyoming at the Irma Hotel.    Be a part of this coming year’s top sellers. 

NEW This Year:  All nominations will be screened, judged and determined which consignments are accepted. 

As with any sale, the fat, slick, gentle-broke to ride with great videos and photo’s brought the best money for 2020 horses.

We will once again work to bring together a live auction plus incorporating phone bidding.  We are implementing improvements for the 2021 sale to allow buyers the best opportunity to know specifics about each animal and verify each animal's information.

The best sales no longer rely on just their past reputation but must attract buyers for each horse in the sale through top of the line video’s and professional photos that depict the qualities of each horse. 

An Open Trail Course will be set up west of the arena to show any potential buyers your horses ability to cross logs, bridges and cross water at consignors discretion.

The following is an itinerary for consigned horses in the Cody Horse Sale and website info:

Stalls will be provided for each consigned horse.   **
The preview is a major promotion time for all horses in the sale.  Cattle will be provided for any rope horses, barrels and poles provided as requested.  Accommodations will be made for any other activities.     
Downtown Cody -Trailers will be provided for tying of sale horses next to the Irma Hotel. 
December 30th:  Nomination Entry Deadline to Website
              Pay by check or via PayPal-using email
              $250 Registered horses, receipt of papers in consignors name with payment
              $350 Nonregistered horses or no registration papers, $100 will be refunded when horse is sold.
              $350 No Sale/No Show Fee on all riding horses. New consignors will pay this fee up front.
                                    Once horse is sold at Auction this fee will be refunded.
               Payment must be made before access to website is given. 
               We will not carry funds for anyone.
               REQUIREMENT: All consignor info, up to 5 video’s (minimum of 1)and up to 12 photo’s  
                                    posted to website to be accepted in the 2021 auction.             

January 1, 2021, Cody Horse Sale Committee, Review and Acceptance of Consignments.
               Professional Photo’s and Video’s required for acceptance into the 2021 auction

January 15, 2021, Notification of Acceptance in Auction
                                     Refund of consignment fees mailed for those consigments not accepted.
                No refunds of Consignment fees following Acceptance into the Auction. 
                Consignments will be given Lot Numbers for Sale Order and Consignment Pages will Go Live.
                Page LINKS will be emailed to consignor's for use of sharing or promoting for each consignment.
·         Photo Requirements:  A maximum of 12 professional photos can be uploaded to the website for advertising. 
                Photos (a maximum size of 5MB per photo) are required for the promotion of the horses in posters, flyers
                and the catalogue.   
                Photo(s) required, NO EXCEPTIONS
·         Video Requirements:  All Horse Video’s must be placed on YouTube and the Youtube Link Used on the
                website before accepted in the 2021 Auction.  A maximum of 5 video links’s can be uploaded to the website for 
                advertising and to be shown on the Irma Lounge Big Screen TV. 
                Video(s) Required, NO EXCEPTIONS

Any Prepurchase Exams must be done prior to auction.  There are no guarantees on animals with a Vet Exam following the auction.

Consignors:  Please keep your horses information accurate.  The buyer does have a valid excuse to refuse the animal following the auction if your animals info & description is inaccurate, ie height, weight, age must be accurate.

--The Best of the Rockies event dates:  location Jake Clark’s Arena-Ralston, 15 miles east of Cody,WY- Hiway 14-A

May  6   4   pm:  Check-in of horses

May  7   10 am:  Visual Vet Inspection; Blemishes, Cribber, Eyes, Teeth (age), Beat on all 4 feet soundly.
                                  Must be done to be allowed to sale in Auction

May  7   1   pm:  Ranch Horse Competition - show how well your horse handles, workscattle & maneuvers the
                                  AQHA pattern.

May  7   3   pm:  Event Preview

May  8   8   am:  Cody Horse Sale Live Preview

 – Downtown Cody in front of the Irma Hotel

May  8   1pm:  Cody Horse Sale

 Clark Management Company is licensed and bonded by the Wyoming State Livestock Board.  All horses sold through the sale ring must be guaranteed sound and be sold with horse qualities as described by written description or verbal qualities while in the sale ring.  This guarantee will give the buyer until May 9 at noon to return any horse not meeting these qualities.  Jake Clark will make the final determination as to soundness of the horse.

We pride ourselves in working with each consignor to bring buyers to the sale via email, internet, live streaming and full color catalog.

These motels are clean and support The Cody Horse Sale and we ask that you support them: Ask for the special Cody Horse Sale Rates. 

Cody - Irma Hotel   (307) 587-4221 or 800-745-4762                        Cody Motor Lodge                     (307) 527-6291           

Skyline Motor Inn                       (307) 587-4201       


Thanks for your interest in this coming year’s Cody Horse Sale.


Jake & Kay Clark       

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