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Mother's Day Weekend.

In Front of the Historic Irma Hotel

Cody, WY

We would like to introduce to you this year’s selection of GREAT Horses.

Horses available to view now on the website!

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Chinook is a 10 year old, grade 1/4 draft gelding that stands 15.3hh. Big, handsome, sturdy, and GENTLE are the words I would use to describe Chinook! Handy broke with the mind to please. This thick made, gorgeous gelding has been our go to guy for all aspects ranch fall...More
If you’re looking for a Gentle, handsome, rock-solid gelding. Moto Moto is the gelding you have been looking for. Moto Moto is so nice you should not think twice about adding him to your herd. This gelding is a true treasure, he has all the buttons of a well-finished horse...More
Lewie is a gorgeous AQHA 2016 golden palomino gelding. We have owned, raised, and trained Lewie since he was a yearling. Lewie is an awesome trail riding horse and has been ridden all over the mountains and hills by novice riders to experienced horsemen. You can do all the ranch...More
Chaps is people friendly and he pastures well with other horses. He has been through rivers, has done some trail riding, and lopes in circles well. He also packs well. Chaps can lay down on command too. He Stands well for the farrier, grooming, washing and saddling. FMI call the...More
Started Colt
Ginger is a 2022 filly, good to catch and gentle to be around. She has had her feet messed with and picked up. She has a long thick mane and tail with feathers on her feet. She's out of a half draft "Clyde" stud, and a 1/4 Percheron mare, making...More
Game Plan is one of the nicest minded young horses we have ever had the pleasure of working with. He is so smart, willing and absolutely beautiful to look at! Game Plan has been ridden both in the arena, outside on the ranch and goes anywhere we point him. He...More
This stout, cute gypsy pony cross is one talented little guy that will take care of any level rider. He’s good for the little kids or older kids, first timers or experienced riders. Freeman has owned and raised Blue since he was a baby. He’s done everything you can imagine...More
Newt is the all-around kind of horse. He is happy to play with the kids, go out for a day of work on the ranch, or up to the mountains. He has a fast walk and is eager for any job. He is the kind of horse you can put...More
Gentle Trail Horse, Western Pleasure
Poly is a beautiful, seven-year-old, sorrel, grade draft cross mare. Poly is very gentle and easy for anyone to get along with. Poly crosses water, packs, stands for the farrier, sure footed, loads easy and is very quiet. She has never offered to buck or kick. She is always willing...More
Lily is a cute little crossbred filly. She is out of our Baby Duck stud (15.3 hands, 1550 lbs, Brabant/Percheron/Quarter Horse, blue roan), and a black mare standing 15.3 hands and weighing 1450 lbs. This type of colored up ride/drive horses is what we strive for. She will sell choice...More
Lana is a sweet blue filly out of Baby Duck (15.3 hands, 1550 lbs, Brabant/Percheron/Quarter Horse, blue roan), and a black mare standing 15.3 hands and weighing approximately 1500 lbs. This is going to be a perfect using size mare. Ride her, drive her, or breed her, she will be...More
Two Be Poco Freckles 4-29-2019 Grey Gelding AQHA #5981517 15:2hh Freckles is true Cadillac of a horse. He is true gentleman to ride. Freckles is a solid ranch gelding that quietly opens and closes gates, has a one-handed neck rein, and rides beautifully off your leg. Take him to the...More
GENTLE giant, trail horse, husband safe, buckskin, paint, gelding, big, pretty, ranch, rope, pack
BIG, GENTLE, and FLASHY! What more could you ask for in your next partner? Casino has been with us for the last two years, on the ranch and in the mountains. He has seen it all from long days in the saddle leading pack strings, to being in the pack...More
Ranch Horse, Head Horse, Metallic Cat, Docs Oak, Ranching Heritage, Cutting Horse, Reined Cowhorse, Bridle Horse, Ranch Versatility
Ace is a STRIKING, IMPOSING ATHLETE with a KIND SOUL. Fancy broke with a lot of feel in the bridle. A gentle, greet you at the gate personality. Great to shoe, bathe, and haul. A gelding the whole family will be able to enjoy. He is a huge stopper, quick...More
Dillon is the nicest made blue roan quarter draft cross gelding as you'll find anywhere. He's gentle, he's easy to be around. He will stay quiet and stay broke. Easy going personality and friendly. He's one we started and raised since a baby, he's been in good hands and one...More
Lexington is a Gypsy X gelding that is the perfect mix of Teddy Bear and working ranch horse. You can gather cows on him all day through any terrain and then throw your kids on to hug and love on him. Pack flags, sort cows, chase horses, trail ride, ride...More
Daisy is an all-around horse. She will do anything you ask of her. ANYONE can ride her; she is good for the entire family. She will stand tied all day, stands great for the farrier, great to bridle, load, & saddles perfectly. She has spent her life going in and...More
Harley is as gentle and safe as they come. He is a home raised gelding and has been physically sound and quiet minded from day one. He has been there and done that from taking care of kids while working in a youth program to packing to ranch work. He...More
I’m Hondo Lane or “Charlie” can fulfill any John Wayne, English jumping, horse show, trail riding or rodeo dreams you have! He is as gentle as they come, broke for just about anyone and he’s absolutely unique and beautiful. Charlie stands at a perfect 15.0 hands with a big beautiful...More
Little is spotted up and cute as a button! She is out of Gus (17.2 hands, 1800 lbs, papered Percheron, black), and a black and white crossbred mare that stands 15.2 hands and weighs approximately 1350 lbs. This little filly is thick and fancy. Any questions, call MJ at 780-210-2503....More
Started Colt
Mattie is a bay 2-year-old filly. She has had her feet messed with and her feet picked up. She is very gentle. She has a thick mane and tail, with feathers on her feet. She is out of a half draft "Clyde" stud and a quarter horse mare making her...More
Wrangler is a fancy roan gelding. He’s a highlight we are proud to offer. He’s easy to like with his willing, easy attitude and gentle way. He’s good to ride, he’s as handy as a pocket on your shirt and will go any direction you want. He would excel at...More
Skittles is an 8-year-old Grade draft cross red roan mare out of a Clydesdale mare and out of Paddy’s Irish Whisky bred quarter horse stud, who weighs in at 1250 lbs. There's not much this big, beautiful lady has not seen or done. As a 3-year-old she was used as...More
Trail horse
Are you looking for a phenomenal horse that has that “wow” look, an amazing disposition, and lots of years to go still in him? Look no further! “Applesauce” is a 3 year old Appaloosa gelding and the type of horse that was born broke. Don’t be scared of his age,...More
Jameson is as gentle as they come! He’s a finished ranch and trail horse and would make a great kids horse! Jameson will do anything you ask of him and has a disposition to please! He’s very kind and personable, you can catch him anywhere and he will always be...More
Ranch Horse
Dirk is a 4-year-old, super sweet gelding! He’s big, yet gentle enough for the girls to do anything they want with him. We’ve had him all over the mountains, through creeks and across bridges etc. We have packed out elk, pulled a dead pronghorn back to the ranch with him,...More
Ranch riding, ranch horse, trail
Make a statement wherever you ride with Burn N Champagne! Meet “Ghost”, a 2021 AQHA Gelding, a genuine Gold Champagne that resembles a living Breyer model horse. Ghost may be young, but he already has accolades that most horses never achieve in their lifetime. Ghost is a four time American...More
You want a horse that will go where you point him, ride quiet and safe, one you can relax on while on the trail- here is your horse! Smokey is rock solid on the trail and mountain, crosses down fall, water, wherever you want to go, he’ll go there for...More
We are proud to offer this eye-catching 2021 sorrel gelding. ZIPANIC EXECUTIVE, or more fondly known as Ward. He has the breeding and horsepower to go in any direction you point him. He'll do a wide variety of trail obstacles, has excellent ground manners and is as gentle as they...More
Luther is a big, soggy stud colt out of Gus (17.2 hands, 1800 lbs, papered Percheron, black), and a big crossbred black mare standing 16.2 hands and weighing approximately 1550. This’ll be a big dude, a pretty dude, and he is blacker than two feet down a stove pipe. Any...More
We are very happy to offer “Barracuda” This flashy, well built, mare is a true joy to ride. Barracuda is well broke and has all the athletic ability, style and easy-going temperament to make you a true once in a lifetime horse of your dreams. Barracuda is an absolute STUNNING...More
Ranch horse
Nice, gentle, honest and safe gelding that has been ranched on, roped and doctored cattle on. Will take care of you on steep and uneven trails. Sound and sane....More
Smart Dual Remedy (Bandit) is a very flashy four year old that we have been riding since he was two. He has always been very gentle and willing to please. He has been used extensively on the ranch gathering big country and trailing cows, pulling the calf sled during calving...More
Brittany is a quiet, gentle, loving horse for anyone. She is the type of horse you can depend on every day, doing ranch work or just trail riding. Let her sit for a while, she'll be the same safe horse. She'll pony colts, hold steers and knows the basics. She...More
Boon is a very attractive, well put together gelding, that we are very proud to be bringing to the Cody Horse Sale this year. He checks all the boxes! He has been around and done a little bit of everything and is now in the prime of his life and...More
Dreamer is one handsome individual. This fancy made sport horse will ride anyway you want. Ride him English or Western he will ride correct, and he look good anyway you sit him. He has a smooth trot, lope and very balanced. Pretty mover and would excel anywhere you want to...More
Starlight is a gentle, in your pocket type!! You're guaranteed to get noticed on the trail and in hunting camp on Starlight. Not only is he very surefooted and gentle minded, but he is easy to get along with. He is a perfect hunting or pack-in camping companion. Starlight has...More
Oakley is a half draft out of a quarter horse stud and a Percheron mare. She's been used for all manner of ranch work from moving cows in rough mountain country to roping and doctoring yearlings. She's been used at brandings and has sorted cattle in a corral environment. She...More
Ranch horse, Pickup Horse
Twizzler is a big stout draft cross gelding. He’s been my number one ranch horse for a long time. Been hauled a lot as a pickup horse, been in parades, used as a flag horse. He’s done a little of about everything. I’ve even headed and heeled steers on him....More
Leslie is a blood bay draft cross filly out of Teton (15.2 hands, 1450 lbs, Percheron/Quarter Horse, black), and a bay mare standing 15.3 hands and 1400 lbs. Everyone loves a bay, especially with four black legs and a mane and tail to match! She sells on choice with her...More
Lydia is a well put together bay filly out of Teton (15.2 hands, 1450 lbs, Percheron/Quarter Horse, black), and a bay mare standing 15.3 hands and weighing approximately 1400 lbs. Perfect filly to take home to ride, drive, or breed! Any questions, call MJ at 780-210-2503....More


Just like Gus McCray from Lonesome Dove, Gus is handsome, charming, willing to work, and loves to be in your pocket. This 5yr old grullo paint gelding stands at about 15 hands tall and has a mane and tail are worth bragging about. Gus has seen a little bit of...More
Splash is a 2-year-old filly. She's a bald face bay roan with 2 blue eyes and dark pigmentation so she won't go blind. She's had her feet messed with and her feet picked up. She is very gentle. She has a thick mane and tail, with feathers on her feet....More
Music- 6 year old bay gelding by Dun CIELO by GALLO DEL CIELO (LTE $28,438 and Offspring Earnings just under $5,000,000) and out of a daughter of CD OLENA (LTE $170,706 and Offspring Earnings in excess of $16,700,000). Here is a beautiful, dark bay gelding that stands 14.2 hands, weighs...More
Dandy is one we are really excited to offer. He's just plain good, he's one anyone can ride and will enjoy. He stays broke, stays gentle and will be the same horse every time you pull him out to ride. He's good in the arena and knows all the maneuvers-...More
Rolex is a beautiful 2019 model grey/buckskin gelding with a gorgeous extra-long mane and tail! Rolex is gentle beyond his years. He is a horse that most anyone that can sit up and ride should be able to get along with. Very gentle, not only beautiful, but this horse is...More
Meet George! George is a 5yr old draft cross gelding that is truly one of a kind. He has been ridden in just about every atmosphere you could imagine and excels in them all. George is a gentle giant with a heart full of try and the kindest soul you...More
If you're looking for a once in a lifetime, truly versatile family horse; Look no further! Paisley excels in everything she does and soaks up knowledge like a sponge. She has successfully competed in Ranch Rodeos, 3 Man Doctorings, Ranch Sortings, Team Pennings, and Trail Horse Competitions. It wouldn't take...More
Lanzo is a sharp dressed man. He is out of Teton (15.2 hands, 1450 lbs, Percheron/Quarter Horse, black), and a thick grulla roan mare that stands 16.1 and weighs 1550 lbs. This should be a good sized crossbred gelding with all kinds of eye appeal. His flashy, grulla roan color...More
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