Mr Spooks O Lena "Poncho"

HIP #68

Asa Stothart Horses

Consignor Bio

  • Rope Heel - Prospect
  • Reining Horse - Prospect
  • Kid Horse - Prospect
  • Rope Calves - Prospect
  • Ranch Horse - Finished
  • Trail - Finished

On Scale of 1-10 = 2
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Sex: Gelding
Color: Grey
Height: 15.1
Weight: 1200
Registration Status: AQHA
Registration Number: 5555877
Date of Birth: 05/07/13
Age in Years (Grade):
VIDEO | Mr Spooks O Lena "Poncho"

DESCRIPTION | Mr Spooks O Lena "Poncho"
Poncho is a nice, gentle ranch gelding that's a family favorite! He has drug calves to the fire, ridden long days, and been a trail horse. Good in rough country, knows where his feet are. He can cut a cow and plant his butt if you ask. Poncho goes at the speed he's asked. He's been in the mountains and out on the prairie. Poncho is a good family horse bred to go any direction. Please give us a call today for any more information.
BLEMISHES | Mr Spooks O Lena "Poncho"
PEDIGREE | Mr Spooks O Lena "Poncho"
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