Mighty Mouse (RF Docs Double Dash)

HIP #27

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  • Rope Heel - Finished
  • Rope Calves - Finished
  • Ranch Horse - Finished
  • Barrel Horse - Started
  • Trail - Finished

On Scale of 1-10 = 3
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Sex: Gelding
Color: Sorrel
Height: 15.3
Weight: 1200
Registration Status: AQHA
Registration Number: 5175586
Date of Birth: 06/18/2008
Age in Years (Grade):
VIDEO | Mighty Mouse (RF Docs Double Dash)

DESCRIPTION | Mighty Mouse (RF Docs Double Dash)
Mighty Mouse is the real deal ranch and team roping horse. He stands 15.3hh and weighs a solid 1200lb of pure heart and try. He is a tough as nails, as close to John Wayne and you can get in a horse, gelding that happens to be fancy broke and naturally talented. There is not a cow that he can't catch and he will go all day til the job is done. Mighty Mouse is always ready for the toughest job and will get it done with style! There is not an ounce of buck in this gelding and has had the cactus in his belly to prove it to you, he literally had a cactus frond embedded into his belly while running down a wild cow and kept going on his job without so much as a flinch. He has been used in all aspects of ranch work and in all kinds of weather and always saddles up the same. He has been used in gathering cattle, shipping cattle, sorting, roping, doctoring and branding. He is finished on the head side and scores and rates well.
PEDIGREE | Mighty Mouse (RF Docs Double Dash)
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