HIP #090

Brian Sears

Consignor Bio

  • Rope Heel - Finished
  • Kid Horse - Finished
  • Rope Calves - Finished
  • Ranch Horse - Finished
  • Parade Horse - Prospect
  • Trail - Finished
  • Mounted Shooting - Prospect

On Scale of 1-10 = 2
horse disposition scale
Sex: Gelding
Color: Grey
Height: 16.2
Weight: 1350
Registration Status: Grade, Not Registered
Registration Number:
Date of Birth:
Age in Years (Grade): 8

Dos is an 8 year old GENTLE Quarter Draft Gelding. Dos has been used on the ranch his entire life. He has experience in all aspects of ranch work; branding, gathering, sorting pairs, pasture doctoring, etc. He can do any of these jobs for the most experienced rider or with your kid that is tagging along for the day. He is willing to do what is asked of him. He is a pleasure to ride with a long, smooth stride. He is athletic for a horse of his size. Dos loves attention. A soft brush and a kind hand are better than a sweet treat for him. Dos has a nice neck rein and is light in the poll. He will move off leg pressure to side pass or take his leads. Dos will ride in any bridle. Dos is easy to shoe. He will stand quiet to clip or bathe. He is easy to catch, saddle and load. Dos is not herd bound and will ride off by himself. I have complete confidence in Dos to send my boys off on their own as we have gathered. Dos is a rare, hard to find horse that has plenty of go for a long, hard day on the ranch, trail riding or hunting. We have used him as a pack horse. He has packed elk and deer numerous times. Dos is also rare because he is so gentle and doesn’t need consistent riding to keep him honest. You can ride him today or next month and he saddles and rides the same every time. No hump or buck. I have owed him since he was 3 years old (bought him from my uncle who raised him until then). Dos has mainly been our kids' horse the past three years. He has been ridden by all levels of riders, from the experienced cowboy to our kids' friends that have never ridden a horse. Dos has been part of building confidence in my son’s riding and roping abilities. We feel Dos will be safe and reliable and want someone else to enjoy him like we have.
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