Docs West Flash

HIP #076

David and Carlie Raucher
413-427-5231: Carlie 406-594-4600: David

Consignor Bio

  • Kid Horse - Finished
  • Ranch Horse - Started
  • Parade Horse - Started
  • Trail - Finished

On Scale of 1-10 = 2
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Sex: Gelding
Color: Buckskin
Height: 15
Weight: 1250
Registration Status: AQHA
Registration Number: 5798215
Date of Birth: 7/05/2016
Age in Years (Grade):
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DESCRIPTION | Docs West Flash
Docs West Flash, or as we affectionately call him, "Bramble", is about the prettiest, kindest, good minded gelding that you'll find across the country. With a beautiful dappled buckskin coat, big kind eye, and perfect white star on his forehead, he is a stand up, classy, young gelding that is sure to turn heads! Standing at exactly 15 hands with a stout, deep body, he is the perfect size from anyone 5 to 85 to ride and enjoy, and at just 6 years old, he has the easy going personality of a horse twice his age, but has many more years ahead of him. Above all, Bramble has been ridden by good horseman for his whole life, and that truly shows. He is totally honest, trustworthy, and has complete faith in his rider, the word "No" is not in this horse's vocabulary. I have had him in a multitude of different environments, and he has never let me down. Whether you want to ride him into town to get lunch, take him out on the ranch to move cows, ride him in the arena, or take him in the 4th of July Parade, he will do it all without blinking an eye. Bramble is the perfect balance between a horse that will go to work, but also loves people and enjoys being a pet! He will load up on a trailer full of steers to go down the road, or stand patiently by himself while loaded up and traveling for hours, it doesn't make a difference to him. He is also no stranger to the mountains. I have had Bramble out in the mountains all day, and he starts the ride the exact same way that he ends it. He is extremely surefooted, has seen all sorts of wildlife, good about dogs under his feet, will cross water, and will pony horses or mules. Bramble will come pick you up at the fence, stand like a gentleman to mount from either side, and has many buttons to make him a fun and easy ride no matter where you are. He is good to shoe, catch, tack up, and is friendly and easy to handle, all day, every day. All of these qualities will make him the perfect mount for any trail rider, rancher, or rodeo queen. Bramble is truly a privilege to own, and we are honored to be able to offer him at the Cody Horse Sale.
BLEMISHES | Docs West Flash
Bramble does have a scar on his left front leg. It is on the upper part of the limb just beneath the shoulder, and it is an old wire scar from when he was a baby. It has been healed properly for 5 years, he is completely sound on it, and it does not bother him.
PEDIGREE | Docs West Flash
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