Big Timber

HIP #004

Jeff and Christina Tift

Consignor Bio

  • Rope Heel - Started
  • Reining Horse - Started
  • Kid Horse - Started
  • Rope Calves - Started
  • Ranch Horse - Finished
  • Barrel Horse - Prospect
  • Parade Horse - Finished
  • Cutting - Started
  • Trail - Finished
  • Mounted Shooting - Started

On Scale of 1-10 = 3
horse disposition scale
Sex: Gelding
Color: Blue Roan
Height: 16.2
Weight: 1375
Registration Status: Grade, Not Registered
Registration Number:
Date of Birth:
Age in Years (Grade): 7
VIDEO | Big Timber

Big Timber is an extremely nice put together draft cross gelding. He has a pretty little head and as good of a hip on him as we have ever seen on any breed of horse. To top it off he has the oh so popular true blue roan color. But his good looks aren't all. He is just as pretty on the inside and is a true joy to have around and to work with. Big Timber tries really hard to please you and has always been easy to get along with. He has excellent ground manners, stands still to tack up, get on, groom and is never pushy or rude. He is a big sweetheart, a pretty mover, athletic and soft in the mouth and sides and is so much fun to ride. He stands 16.2 hands tall and is 7 years old.
Big Timber has a nice, relaxed lope outside on a loose rein and will also canter pretty circles in the correct leads in the arena. He has a nice neck rein and goes anywhere you point him. He has lots of self-confidence and nothing seems to bother him. He has a nice ground covering walk and is surprisingly smooth in all 3 gates. He collects himself up nicely in the arena, side passes, does turn arounds, and stops willingly and correctly.
He has been ridden in town and on the mountain trail and handles all situations well.
Big Timber is taught to lay down on command, pick you up from a stool or the fence and has also had some liberty training.
He has also been desensitized and is good with all the arena toys such as tarps, flags, bullwhips, bouncy balls and any other obstacle you can throw at him. We have used him to halter break weanlings and have roped other horses from him as well.
This is just an all-around wonderful gelding with just the right amount of athletic ability to be fun but yet still gentle and easy to get along with. He has no bad habits, and we believe anybody should be able to take him home and enjoy ranch work, trail riding and arena time.
There will be an up-to-date sale video posted of Big Timber in April. You can find it on our website
We will also be making small video clips and posting on Christina's Facebook pages regularly up until sale date so you can follow along as we get ready for sale day. Go to Facebook and look up Christina Bach Tift and use #timber
We look forward to visiting with you about Big Timber and showing him to you.
If you have any questions you're welcome to give us a call anytime. 307-752-8197
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