Sunset Ranch
Sunset Ranch

Sunset Ranch


3038 Hwy 96 Westcliffe, CO. 81252

Sunset Ranch was established in 2014, and consists of Freeman and

MaryAnn, along with our 4 children, Laura, Ida Faye, Katie, and Allen.

We all live and breathe horses and enjoy the ranch life we are

privileged to experience. We have lease pastures throughout the valley

here that we run cows on, therefore the horses get used, and know

what a day’s work is. We also have the Sangre-De-Cristo Mountains in

our backdoor and the horses get used for packing and trail riding. We

have a training program we use, and train all our young ones, and then

also we take client horses in to train for others.

We have a couple ponies that we are putting extra training on and

in the process of getting them certified as therapy ponies. We had an

incident with Allen at Children’s Hospital and have always felt like we

will never repay what all they did for us. So, we are thinking maybe we

could help others somehow…

So, if you are ever in the area, please stop in, there will be a couple

horses saddled up, and more available for a short ride in the mountains

or checking cows…

Thanks from all of us at SUNSET RANCH,

Freeman, MaryAnn, Laura, Ida Faye, Katie and Allen.

719-239-0154, 719-285-5279

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