Ross, John

Vic Lucero started out day working for a local rancher and quickly started buying his own horses and cows along with some land. It wasn’t long and Vic was sending his own cattle to summer range in Wyoming. After purchasing a ranch in Monte Vista, Colorado Vic spent the next 20 years growing his herd of commercial Angus. Although he has since sold the ranch and has started to spend his time traveling, Vic still enjoys helping friends, such as John Ross, work cattle and ride horses.

John and Melissa Ross have built a life around good horses, cattle and neighbors. After several years of training and showing cutting horses across the U.S., the Rosses turned their attention to ranching. Ross Cattle is located thirty miles north of Turkey, TX. Along with their personal cattle they also have the privilege of taking care of cattle for neighbors and daywork for surrounding ranches. Horses are essential to our work everyday. Because of the many ranches we work for, our horses are exposed to every kind of terrain and environment including prowling rough country, doctoring yearlings, calving heifers, branding calves and gathering large pastures.

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