Horses for Sale Listing - 2018 Cody Horse Sale in Cody, WY

Best of the Rockies–Cody Horse Sale will begin accepting Consignments for the May 12, 2018 Sale.

Thanks to the Consignors.  We believe we have some GREAT Horses coming to the sale.

Be sure to view all horses including the last entry!

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Affectionately known as Bud, this buckskin draft cross gelding is not only handsome but is gentle and broke to ride. Bud will walk down a trail or busy highway or help you get your cows gathered/moved. You can carry a flag on him or use him to work other horses....More
Gentle Ranch Horse
Nice ranch gelding, real gentle. Rope cattle outside, good traveling horse. Will go all day....More
This is the type of gelding you will drive the wheels off your pick up to find. Mickey is a well-built gelding, has a big hip and hind leg, with a kind, kind eye. He will have the best/smoothest ground covering gaits. Has been ridden in rough terrain on trails,...More
Dollar is an extremely classy, 8 yr. old draft cross gelding that stands right at 16.2 hands tall. Dollar has been ridden on countless trail rides in the mountains and in the hills, both alone and with others and does great. He goes anywhere you point him with out hesitating...More
draft, feather
One of those ever popular half draft crosses that is an excellent all around gelding. He's got the looks, size, disposition, gentle and a great mind. He stands around 16 hands, has looks and ability to make whatever you want out of him. We love riding him, he's willing to...More
Trail Horse
“Rio” is a very gentle, easy to get along with type of gelding. He’s as flashy as they come with 4 big white socks up to his knees and hocks and a wide blaze down his face. He is as solid as they come on the trails, traffic safe, crosses...More
This is a unique opportunity to own a very nice gelding. Snoopy is a 9 year old, 16.2 hand, 1400 pound, draft cross gelding. We have owned this gelding since he was a 3 year old. I would consider Snoopy to be extremely broke and is a finished ranch horse,...More
buckskin, Cody Horse Sale, gentle
This is a rare opportunity to buy a horse that was bred and raised by us. We have been his only home. You will not find a kinder, gentler, or more willing to please horse. He is extremely well put together, with a baby doll head. Whiskey stands 14.3 and...More
Ranch Horse
I have had this horse since he was a yearling, I broke him to ride and is making a real nice horse. He's been used in all aspects of ranching, brandings, doctoring, etc... I've been riding him steady for the past year and he does everything you ask. Entered in...More
ranch horse, family horse, blue roan, gelding
Dewey is a 15.2 hh blue roan gelding he is 8 years old that has been ranch rode his whole life, they roped and doctored a lot cattle outside on him, he would also make a nice horse for everyone in the family. He is very personable. Dewey is handy...More
Woody is a 6 year old gelding, standing 16 hands, and packing a size 2 foot. He is a big, gorgeous, quiet gelding that has been used all over the ranch and in the arena. We have used him doctoring yearlings, chasing cattle/horses, checking pasture, and checking pens. He lopes...More
Domino is a 15.3 H black half draft gelding with chrome. He is a BIG stand up, well balanced 10 yr. old gelding that has been on the same place his entire life. He is very talented for his size and is so very kind to be around. He lopes...More
Stetson is a blue roan friesen percheron quarter horse. He is 5 years old gelding stands 16hh. He is a pleasure to be around. Excellent ground manners. Good to catch and load. Easy to shoe. He will neckrein and is soft in the bridle. Moves off my legs very good....More
trail horse, ranch horse, rope horse, play day horse
Marco is a very versatile pony. He is very fun and talented ride for an adult or child with some experience to ride out on the ranch, but safe enough to put a young rider on and lead around to check the cows. He lopes circles, stops hard and will...More
Buckskin, AQHA, Trail Horse, Parade Horse, Quarter Horse
McLITE SAN TANGO -2007 AQHA Buckskin Gelding McLite San Tango. Tango is out of Basic’s San Tango on the top and Docs Lite Skipper on the bottom. Tango is a 15 hand beautiful buckskin gelding. He has a big hip and pretty head. We have used Tango in our wilderness...More
Monte is a 10 yr old grade QH Gelding, He stands on a #1 shoe is 15.1 hands and wieghs a solid 1250 pounds. He is a super well mannered gelding with no bad habits, he has been used as a ranch horse his whole life and had everything...More
Trail horse, reining horse, family horse, all around horse
Teddy is a Golden Retreiver stuck in a horse's body! This adorable gelding is so fun to be around, and is the most forgiving, patient, and kind individual. Teddy is always his same happy, laid-back self regardless of where he goes, what he's doing or who he's around. I joke...More
Shorty is a 9 year old blond Belgium gelding. He has been used extensively as a ranch and trail horse. He cant be beat in the mountains! He packed out many elk this last fall from the high Uintahs. He will cross dead fall, water, and rough terrain. He is...More
Ready to go anywhere you need him! Caden is a 9 year old bay roan that I've been hauling for a few years now. I've started him as a pickup horse and have ridden him to sort on and ranch off of extensively. I used him all winter to gather...More
AQHA, Cody Horse Sale, Mr San Peppy, Doc's Hickory, gelding, horse, horse for sale
Kings Instant Denny stands around 15 hands. He is an attractive, stout, thick made, gelding, that is gentle, easy to handle, and has no buck in him. "King" always tacks up and rides off without incident. This nice prime age gelding has a pedigree full of cow horses including SR...More
Gentle ranch gelding
Big, pretty buckskin gelding. Real cowy, roped on outside. Nice traveling horse. Really gentle, really broke....More
WRCA sponsored ranch rodeo. In a long trot to rope the wild cow.
Peeper is a superior ranch horse that has made a real name for his self among some of the largest ranches in Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas. He has mastered absolutely each and every discipline required in every day ranch duties, from prowling cattle, branding calves, doctoring yearlings, roping cattle, sorting...More
trail horse
Cody is 12 years old big stout buckskin Quarter Horse/Percheron Gelding that has a one hand neck rein, will pick up both leads, side pass, back-up, and lope collected circles. Has been on lots of trails and will cross water and ditches with ease. Cody is easy to catch, gentle...More
dun, Wyoming geldings, safe gelding, ranch horse
Ranger is really nice 5 year old that is a "been there, done it" ranch and trail horse. He has worked in the sale yards, as well as roped on the ranch and trail ridden in the mountains. He is a nice horse to be around. He has a nice...More
buckskin gelding, gentle, broke, ranch, reining, rope horse
This good looking buckskin gelding will ride for anyone. He rides off on a loose rein, ground covering walk and no spook. Rawhide has been used on the mountain. He knows what cross country means and will go where you point him. He's got a ton of eye appeal but...More
Badger is a gentle guy. We have used him all over the ranch and in all seasons of work from fall gathering, sorting, dragging the feed sled in the winter, to spring calving and branding. We have let him set and have time off this winter and then grabbed him...More
Tommy is a ranch horse and trail horse deluxe. His pedigree shows why he's good at anything he does. We've used him for team sorting as well which he loves to cut a cow. He stands 14.3 and weighs 1200 lbs. He turns 13 years old this year with a...More
Moonshine will be the most unique colored horse in the sale, he is a very nice and gentle 8 year old, 16 hand, 1300 pound draft cross gelding. We have owned him for the last 5 years and done all of his training. He is extremely well broke and responsive....More
Quincy is a flawlessly made blue roan gelding, handsome as can be! A real gentleman to be around, has the upmost manners. He is one the entire family can and has enjoyed. If you’re looking for a horse who can carry you down the trail and do exactly what is...More
gelding, roan, friendly, well started, family
4 year old Bay Roan Percheron Quarter Cross Gelding, 15.2 hands, had lots of riding time, nice lope, quiet and very gentle. Been ridden in rough country. Nice, level headed....More
Reining Horse
“Skeeter” is a very cool individual who is an own son of Skeets Peppy, earner of over $85K in the NRHA and producer of over $200K. He is extra broke and does all the reining maneuvers, has been ridden English, given riding lessons, and has lots of outside miles on...More
Son of a Hired Gun, Mystics Bar Chex, Mr Gun Smoke, Palomino, gelding, Cody Horse Sale
Hello Handsome! If you want big pretty and broke, Cody is your guy!! Cody is a 15.1 hand gorgeous palomino gelding that is fancy broke, but yet very gentle! This fancy gelding has had a job on the ranch, he will work a cow, has had cattle roped outside, as...More
Rojo has been in our family for the past 4yrs. We have rode him all over the ranch. He has been on mountain pack trips for White Mountain Outfitters as a Wrangler's horse and he has lead the trail rides on top of the big horn mountains. He is sure...More
Pedro is a really nice little gelding. He has been used extensively on the ranch. From large circles to dragging calves to the fire, there is no job too big for this guy. Pedro watches a cow really well and is fun to rope and sort on. He moves smooth...More
Flipper, Ranch Horse, Trail Horse, Pickup Horse, Parade Horse, Draft Cross Horse
FLIPPER is a big beautiful black and white eight year old Percheron/Paint Crossbred Gelding. He stands 16.2 hands. Flipper is really gentle and also really broke. He has picked up at rodeos and been ridden down the trails. He has a nice lope and good walk. Flipper has a one-hand...More
Matt is an experienced trail horse that has been ridden in all type of trails. He is tremendous in the roughest, steepest areas you can find and is also happy to walk through meadows and pastures. He goes thru water, over bridges, logs, ditches, and downed trees willingly. He is...More
Ranch Horse, roping horse, trail horse, show horse
Prince is a beautifully built draft cross gelding. He has excellent foot and bone with perfectly clean straight legs. This guy is personable, LOVES attention and is always game for an adventure. He has been an A+ student throughout his training and is always a pleasure to be around. Prince...More
This big stout gelding stands 15.2 hands. He's been used from everything to packing game, bear, ranch chores, branded on, roped on, trail rides and more. He's gentle, wants to be laid back and easy going. He's got lots of foot and bone and will hold up to any amount...More
Gentle ranch/trail gelding
Ranch horse, real gentle. Nice to ride on the trails....More
Sonny is a stout , big boned horse, that I have been ranching and doctoring cattle on for the past year. He is a very gentle horse that will meet you at the gate ready to work. Safe for anyone to ride and is a very kind horse. Ranch horse...More
This horse is a really nice,sorrel. Flax mane and tail gelding. Very gentle in the saddle and on the ground. Great to shoe and trim, 100% sound and gentle. Hollywood is about 14.3 hands and roughly 1025lbs.Hollywood Gold, Has been on the ranch and in the mountains. Will also be...More
Roping horse, reining horse, trail horse,
Huckleberry is one of those once in a lifetime horses who has the perfect combination of intelligence, trainability, conformation, athletic ability, talent, and gorgeous looks all wrapped up into one stunning individual. Here is a horse for even the most discriminating of horsemen. This gelding has great transitions, lopes nice...More
5 yr old 16 hand Draft X Buckskin gelding, Woodrow is a very laidback easy going sweetheart of a horse that stands on a #2 shoe. He has been used as a ranch gelding for the past 3 years, has been up the mountain and through the woods, he will...More
Gypsy Calico
Meet Calico! He is an amazing horse, with a one of a kind personality, great disposition and lots of good looks! I like him a alot!! Calico is a Gypsy/Frisian/Quarter Horse cross gelding! He is right in the prime of his life at 5 yrs old and stands a perfect...More
Do you want a horse of a lifetime? Gerty is a 6 year old mare will take you anywhere you want to go!! You can rope calves and drag them to the fire, pack elk out of the mountains, compete in reining, cow horse and trail challenge competitions! Gerty won...More
JB is a blue roan registered qh gelding. Stands 15hh. He was my personal riding horse the last 6 mo. Rode him to town and to church. Been around cattle on the ranch. Pulls good from the horn. Not spooky. Rides out alone or with others. Great calm personallaty. Good...More
MAIN Image
George is a gorgeous 10 year old bay gelding. He is very gentle and quiet and saddles up the same every time. We have owned George for almost a year and have used him for almost every phase of ranch work you can think of. He is our go to...More
Blue roan gelding mountain horse
This '04 blue roan gelding is a strong, solid mountain ride and durable pack. Blue has been my main ride for years now, as well as my trusted ride for beginners. He takes hobbles and a picket worry free. He is comfortable with ropes, tarps, water crossings, and trail obstacles....More
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