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Ranch horse,  family horse, mountain horse, draft cross, English
Numbers is one of those highly sought-after draft cross geldings that has the personality and the looks! He is a 2018 model standing 16hh, weighs a solid 1300lbs, and is full of talent and a willingness to please his rider! Numbers is able to bridle up, lope around softly, lay...More
Monkey is a shapey, well built, correct and straight legged young gelding with just enough chrome and flash to get you noticed everywhere you go. If you're looking for a life long partner this is your guy. Although anyone can get along with him, Monkey likes to get attached and...More
Fancy is a beautiful 9-year-old Gypsy Vanner Quarter Horse cross mare. This mare is truly everything a horse should be. In my opinion she is the perfect combination of tough, energetic, calm, and gentle. She has lived on one of the largest ranches in western Wyoming and has proven herself...More
Smoke is a 6 year old draft cross mare that we raised. She is an ⅛ Percheron and ⅞ quarter horse. Smoke is such a pleasure to ride on the ranch or down on the trail. Smoke has been a horse that has been gentle from the start. Smoke is...More
Pebbles is, along with his two grey half brothers, definitely one of the highlights of our offering. He definitely took his color and conformation directly from his dad (Baby Duck), sporting a thick, short-coupled body, beautiful saddle horse style head, and deep blue roan color. This guy is true blue,...More
Genuine Twoees Chex - David Mast DOB: May 10, 2019 - AQHA - Bay Gelding - 15.1H - 1150lbs "Chex" is a super gentle, intelligent young horse. He has had a great start as a 2 year old and now has another year and a half worth of ranch work...More
Meet “Bodacious” a 2017 15.2h 1/2 QH 1/2 percheron. He’s the type everyone's looking for with his good looks, solid feet & willing disposition, he’s bound to be a crowd pleaser! Bo does it all. I’ve owned him for nearly three years & he’s been my go-to mount for just...More
Looky here! This is one cute fancy-made fell pony. Willy has lots of color, chrome, and look. He rides like a champ and will ride great for any kid or smaller person that wants to sit in the saddle and ride. He's a solid trail pony, he will head up...More
ranch horse, trail horse, roping, ranch sorting, feedlot, gray, azteca, gentle
Flint is a handsome grey 5 year old gelding that we had the pleasure of starting last year. He has impressed us with his intelligence and willingness. He is friendly and ready to go on your next adventure. Flint responds well to leg cues, direct and indirect rein, as well...More
My Bigsley is a 4 year old big, stout, Percheron, and Thoroughbred cross gelding. Don't miss this gentle giant!! This gelding stands 17 hands high and is gentle as they come. Mr. Bigsley is as tough as they come wearing a size 3 shoe all around. Mr. Bigsley has been...More
JC Power Stroke, aka Rudy, is a bay 5 year old gelding. Rudy is very gentle with straight legs and is good to shoe with feet that wear a size 1 all around. This gelding is a good using size at 15.2 hands high. Rudy is no stranger to cattle...More
Check this big pretty palomino draft cross gelding out. He's the type that everyone asks for. He's GENTLE, easy to ride, and anyone that can sit up in the saddle and hold the reins can ride this horse. He's smooth moving for a draft cross, travels really nice, has a...More
Flash is a straight black, half draft filly. She will come in the ring with Lightening (2022 black stud colt). The size on them is very similar but between the pair of them, Flash does show a little bit more Percheron in her build. She has lots of depth of...More
Lightening is a black stud colt, and will come in the ring at the same time as Flash (2022 black filly). Lightening is slightly sleeker built, but is very similar size to Flash. Lightening is coal black except for a white strip of his head. His sharp color is accompanied...More
Cornbread, ranch horse
Cornbread is reliable, quick footed and cowy. He is great to rope on in and out of the arena. Cornbread has punched cows in Colorado, New Mexico and Texas and is sure footed in all kinds of terrain. He can make even the longest day enjoyable. He is gentle for...More
reining horse, ranch horse, trail horse, cutting horse
Music- 5 year old bay gelding by DUN CIELO by GALLO DEL CIELO (LTE $28,438 and Offspring Earnings just under $5,000,000) and out of a daughter of CD OLENA (LTE $170,706 and Offspring Earnings in excess of $16,700,000). Here is a beautiful, dark bay gelding that stands 14.2 hands, weighs...More
Chex is a pretty, kind, and gentle gelding that has been used on the ranch, in the feedlot, and is very safe on the trails. He neck reins well, works gates well, has been roped on, and is safe with dogs. Stands good for farrier and dental work is up...More
Little Dun Smart One (Leo) is a stunning 2018 Dun Tobiano gelding standing 14.2 hands. Leo is the whole package and has the athletic ability to do just about any job and the looks everyone wants. This 4 year old has a yes attitude, aims to please, and loves people!...More
Buck is a 4 year old buckskin draft cross gelding who has a very personable nature, is very smart and wants to please. He is exceptionally broke for a young horse and he rides collected with a very soft handle. He is an experienced trail and ranch horse and is...More
Cricket is a 6 year old papered half Gypsy gelding that stands 15.2hh. This thick, feather footed, splashy colored gelding is as sharp as you could want… looks and otherwise! This guy rides great outside, sharp in the arena, and is also broke to drive. Cricket is the perfect horse...More
Fancy made, fancy broke and he's a Buckskin. He's one we are proud to offer and he's the type everyone calls about and is searching for. He's an own son of HF Mobster so he's bred for talent and brains. He's got it all. ACE is the real deal, he's...More
Dom has been a part of our family for several years. He is a big, beautiful, kind hearted gentleman and a lovely mover. We acquired him as a 2 year old and had the pleasure of bringing him along slowly and carefully. We knew from the start he was a...More
GFR Blues Boy is a big, handsome, 2014 AQHA blue roan gelding. If you’re looking for gentle and friendly with size and bone, Rubble is your guy. This horse loves people and loves to please. He’s happy as long as you’re around! Rubble and I have covered many miles of...More
Charlie is a gorgeous gypsy cross gelding that is very unique. He is by a Dash ta Fame stud and out of a Drum Mare. This unique cross gives him the best of both worlds. He is stout and built to last, but also is very handy on his feet....More
DT Driftwood Bourbon, affectionately known as Ritz, is big, beautiful and buckskin! Ritz is a gentle and kind boy with all the fancy buttons. He’s a beautiful mover at the walk, trot, and canter/lope. He has an excellent headset with lots of experience in the arena, on the trail, and...More
SCOOT is one of the prettiest horses you'll see. We've really enjoyed our time with this good gelding. He's gentle, he's safe and he's darn sure pretty to look at and fun to ride. He's that dark dapple colored palomino with lots of chrome. He rides quiet and gentle, he's...More
Cimarron is one of our most uniquely colored colts this year. His grulla roan coloring is sure to turn some heads, and his build and structure stands right up with the best of them. This guy has a longer, athletic build, and you can sure see it when he wheels...More
Wizard is a traditional black and white gypsy vanner gelding. He is registered with the GVHS. He is 5 years old, stands just over 15 hands and weighs 1400# making him a great size and on the taller side for a gypsy. He has that amazing gypsy vanner temperament that...More
Chester is a BIG Dun Gelding foaled on May 8, 2016. He has tiger stripped legs and two hind socks. He was started as a two year old (August 2018). Hope (Pfeifer) Haun rode him at Central Wyoming College on the Ranch Horse Team. During his year at CWC he...More
ranch horse, trail horse, gelding, sun frost, rope calves, bay, aqha
Hudson is an exceptional young gelding with a big future ahead of him. From the start, he has been quiet, willing and easygoing. He is people friendly and will meet you at the gate. He is intelligent and a quick study with a born-broke temperament. He has a solid foundation...More
Flashy, well-built and smooth as silk…these three words describe this young gelding. Standing 15.3hh and a mere 4 years of age, this gorgeous Paint X Draft Cross gelding is extremely quiet and very well broke. He is well versed in all aspects of ranch work including roping and doctoring cattle....More
DOB: 2019 Paint Crossbred Mare - 16.1HH - 1550lbs. Kayla truly is a gentle giant. She is strong as an ox, gentle as a lamb, and moves with the gracefulness of a deer. Afraid you can't get up on her? No Problem, lays down on cue. She stands at 16.1HH....More
Freddy Mac is a Gypsy Vanner gelding that has all the amazing Gypsy qualities that everyone wants! He has big feathers, a kind personality, and a quiet and gentle disposition that makes everything about owning him a pleasure! Freddy is easy to catch, saddle, tie, load, lead, bridle, mount, and...More
Sam is a big, gorgeous, well put together grey stud colt. He and his half brother are, by far, among the highlights of our offering. They are strong, athletic built studs, that are going to make fantastic geldings when they grow up. This guy is out of a grey crossbred...More
Steele is a very fancy grey stud colt. He is a half draft colt, out of a grey crossbred mare and our Baby Duck Brabant cross stud. This guy’s got a very clean build from his mother’s side, and all the foot, bone, and color that his dad has to...More
Blue Fox is a big stout made gentle quarter horse. He's got the blue roan cowboy color and he's got experience to back it up. This good gelding has been used in the mountains of Utah gathering, branding and working for a living. You want one you can always count...More
Goose is a 2011 model Clydesdale Quarter horse cross gelding who is truly a gentle giant. Goose steps out and moves like a dream for a big horse. He has been my go to mount to ride with my 2 year old daughter, and now he is my go to...More
“RickyRambo” This gorgeous 2019 sorrel gelding is as shiny as a copper penny and as sweet as they come. Ricky has helped trail cattle home from pasture, been roped off, and has no problem having different levels of riders on his back without blinking an eye. He is soft in...More
Big Stopper
We are excited to offer “Cherry Bomb” This flashy, well bred mare is a joy to ride. Cherry Bomb will stay broke whether she is ridden once a day, once a week or once a month. She is a hardworking, ground-covering, using mare that will get you noticed and get...More
If you’re looking for a reliable trail buddy, your next safe and sweet equine friend, or a horse that you and your friends or spouse can enjoy endless adventures on, keep reading. If you’re looking for a freaky fast, catty quick, high caliber athlete that’ll take you to the...More
Tonto is a big, sizeable, and flashy papered paint gelding. He stands 15.2 hands and is 7 years old. This is a good looking, well put together horse with tons of foot and bone. Tonto is a jack of all trades, and has been used for everything from trail riding,...More
Rick is a blue roan Percheron gelding that is impressive to look at. He stands 16.2 hands tall and is true blue roan, not to mention the shape, foot and bone. Rick is broke both to ride and drive. He has been hooked to all farm machinery. He has also...More
Rock is an as stout as they come blue roan percheron gelding that is easy on the eyes. He is dripping with shape, foot and bone. He has been hooked to all farm machinery. He has also been driven through town and been used for wagon rides. Rock has spent...More
Here is a gelding with a ton of presense and look. Hound Dog is an eye catcher, one that everyone falls in love with. He's got all the shape in the world, he's a pretty bay gelding with a ton of mane and tail and he's gentle. He's a really...More
Spur is a fancy seven year old buckskin gelding that is ready for any occasion. If you have gentle and quiet on your wish list then look no further. He is a top notch trail horse that has seen it all from cattle, cars, dogs, wildlife, ropes, tarps, bullwhips and...More


Jay is our personal, no hesitation, "go-to" horse for EVERYTHING. Anything you can think of that you could do horseback, from pleasure to work, he will not only do it but he will do it right. Jay was bought as a yearling and has been raised up and trained 100%...More
Mr. Waffles is a gentle and kind in your pocket type gelding. He is a pretty using horse that’s good on the trails and has been on the ranch being exposed to all types of situations....More
Buck Shot is a 2018 Gelding that is athletic as they come with a quiet mind. This Gelding can do any job you put in front of him. He is a serious rope horse/ barrel prospect and is quiet enough to take anyone down the trail. He has spent his...More
Tommy a gentle, stout made, using horse
Tommy is a gentle stout made gelding that is built to last. Tommy is easy to catch, gets along with other horses, and loads and hauls well. Tommy has never offered to hump or buck with me, even after layoffs. I have started roping and logging him in the arena....More
We are so proud to offer Laramie and we can’t ever say enough good things about this big, beautiful, broke, and gentle gelding. Laramie rides the very best and has a perfect neck rein. Laramie rides in halter, bridle, bridle-less, or even at complete liberty. Laramie is the first horse...More
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