Horses for Sale Listing - 2019 Cody Horse Sale in Cody, WY

Best of the Rockies–Cody Horse Sale has accepted all consignments, for the Saturday of Mother's Day Weekend, Cody Horse Sale.

Thanks to the Consignors.  We believe we have some GREAT Horses coming to the sale.

Be sure to view all horses including the last entry!

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Alvin is a big beautiful Friesian cross. He was broke to drive by the Amish. We have been using him for ranch work and riding in the rough country hunting. He is an exceptional pack horse, and is good for dragging the pack string as well. We packed several elk...More
Pickles is a one of a kind gelding. He is big, fancy, and has been used in many different areas and disciplines. He has been my go-to gelding for the past two years and has been used for all sorts of ranch chores. This horse has ran horses, chased cattle,...More
Finished Ranch Horse
Finished team roping horse, used at feed lot and on ranch. (Cody Horse Sale: Danny is an older horse person. He wastes no words in his descriptions. Danny has been bringing horses for many years and his horses are always sane, safe and sound, Give Danny a call for more...More
Buckskin gelding, 2 year old cross bred gelding. Unique champagned colored, will make a nice big saddle horse. You will always be different than anyone else on this handsome fella....More
grulla gelding, ranch gelding, mountain gelding, trail riding, kids horse
Billy is a grulla AQHA gelding. He stands 14.2 hands and weighs 1150 lbs. Billy is a very easy horse to look at and be around. He's a great size to get on and he's stout enough to handle a day's work. He's 8 years old and in the prime...More


Sid is a gentle, good looking percheron cross gelding that has been used on countless trail rides in the mountains and along highways. He crosses rivers, fallen timber, and rough terrain with ease. Sid is sure-footed in steep terrain and rides out well alone or in a group. Sid has...More
Ranch Horse
Rocky is a pretty colored bay roan. He is 15.2 hands tall and weights 1200 pounds. Rocky is a nice , kind using horse. He has been used to doctor cattle in the pasture. Point him where you want to go and he will get you there. Rocky will get...More
Trail Horse, Gentle, Safe, Parade, Bay Roan, Draft Cross
BIG TIME, Draft Cross Bay Roan 16.3 Hand Nine Year Old Gelding. Big Time is a big pretty puppy dog who is kind and gentle and loves people. He is fun to ride and willing. He has a very smooth way of traveling for a big draft cross. Big Time...More
Grey filly, 2 year old cross bred. She is pretty headed, big hip, she has the pretty grey color, gentle dispistion, just a nice, nice filly...More
"Bar Tab" is a uniquely colored 15.1 hand AQHA registered red roan gelding. If your looking to ride your horse and open a can of beer or take pictures along the way..then this is the horse! He has the best conformation and is quiet and friendly as one comes. We...More
Blue Roan, Driftwood, Gentle Ranch Horse, Blue Valentine
Blue Belle – 2011 – 15.1H – 1350# - Blue Roan - Mare Blue Belle is a big girl with a gentle disposition, home raised on a ranch in Thermopolis, Wyoming, and came to us as a 4-year-old. Owned by our 16-year-old daughter, she has spent the last couple years...More
GENTLE - SAFE & SOUND - 2014 - AQHA GREY GELDING, 15H, 1200#: a grandson of TAYLOR FROST TIVIO, along with TYREES WATCH, JET ON AND CHICALEO. Vegas is a very sensible and safe ranch and mountain trail horse with a great mind, disposition and has been started right. He...More
sorrel, gelding, draft, cross, riding, trail, Cody Horse Sale
Poncho is a nice 15.3, 5 year old quarter horse/draft cross gelding that is nice and gentle. He will lope nice and collected circles, trail rides, has been used at the sale barn to pen back cattle, trailers good. Here is a nice gelding that rides nice and will cross...More
Bay gelding, 2 year old cross bred. This colt is by the Shire stud and out of a Smart Chic O Lena mare. He should make a nice riding horse. Easy to be around. Handsome colt!...More
Shotgun will be a really cool and handy 15.3 hand crossbred gelding that has done all aspects of ranch and cattle work, along with wrangling horses and used in the hunting camps guiding and leading the pack strings, He is coal black with four white socks , this is the...More
ranch horse reining horse cow horse mustang
Duckwater is Tom's Fort Worth 2017 Extreme Mustang Makeover Champion and earner of $52,000. Gathered from Nevada's Sand Springs West Herd Management Area, Duckwater is a very nice horse with a big-time stop and a lot of cow. He has fluid lead changes and nice turn arounds, is good to...More
We've owned Custer since he was a weanling. He's always been extremely gentle and good minded and a complete pleasure to own. He has had extensive time outside of the arena as well as inside. He's soft in his face, wants to be extremely light, and loves to please. He's...More
Rambo is a very fancy Fresian cross gelding with a long mane & tail. Rambo is coal black with a nice balanced conformation, strait legs, and good solid feet. He has been used on countless trail rides on the ranch and along the highways. Rambo is gentle & rides out...More
Bay gelding, 2 year old, cross bred. This gelding is my a daughter of Elans Playboy and a Shire stud. He is very good made and should make a nice riding horse....More
Flint is as cool as they come. He is friendly and has all the desirable draft cross qualities in a little shorter package. He rides smooth, has a good stop, knows his leads, and lopes nice circles. He has been a trail horse and worked ranches and feedlots. Check out...More
"Tucker" is a cute, compact made gelding by NCHA sire Little Disco Tucker who has life time earnings exceeding 46K! He is extra gentle, loves attention, great to catch, bathe, shoe and clip. Tucker is a very well rounded gelding that has seen a lot for his age. He has...More
Dusty is a colt we bred and raised. He sheds to be a Gorgeous dark gold color in the summer that just shines with a snow white mane and tail. Dusty is always an eye-catcher and stands out every where we take him. He is super smart and has always...More
Great head turning half draft gelding! This gentle blonde has been used EXTENSIVELY in the mountains. He will go anywhere asked of him, up and down hills, over down timber, and through raging rivers. Riding Mr. Bojangles is very comfortable, he has a nice paced walk as well as an...More
Bay filly, 2 year old, cross bred. This bay filly is by a shire stud and Dry Doc mare. Extremely breedy looking. Take her in any direction, she is willing and able. Super cute!...More
PARTY TWO SUN UP aka "Kibbles" 2006 Buckskin Mare 15 hands tall 1200 lbs. Size 1 Shoe PARTY TWO SUN UP aka "Kibbles". Born and bred on the historic Flitner Ranch in Shell Wyoming. THIS IS ONE OF OUR BEST! We raise a lot of horses and this mare has...More
Dozer is a 16'2 hand 1,500 lb Cross Bred Gelding. Dozer is extremely safe and gentle. He has been used for every job as a ranch horse; to dragging calves, pasture doctoring, etc. Dozer has a one hand neck rein and will pull from the horn. He as been on...More
He is a quarterhorse gelding stands 15.3. HH. This guy is the been there done that type. He is well trained and has been used on the ranch and has a lot of cow sense. Roped off of and used to start colts. This horse has lots of try and...More
Poncho- Here is one of the best-made, good-looking, honest draft crosses you will find. He stands 16.1 hands, he’s built real well and he’s got the buckskin color that’s always a favorite. This big easy going gelding will do whatever it is you want. He rides nice and quiet. ,...More
Grey filly, 2 year old, cross bred. This grey filly is out of a gypsy cross mare and shire stud. She is white legged, strip faced. Should mature to weigh 1400 pounds. Will make a pretty, pretty saddle mare. Could go English or Western. Nice mover....More
Virgil is a beautiful gypsy cross gelding that stands 15 hands tall, wears a size 5 shoe, and weighs in around 1400lbs. He is broke to drive and also rides around great. We have rode him and packed him on the mountain hunting and packed out a buck on him...More
Pistol is a real cool bred gelding, with looks to kill for and talent! Has exceptional conformation, great bone and foot and a lot of chrome. Been used extensively on the ranch and ridden on the trails as well. He is handy working gates, sorting cattle, and in the branding...More
5 yr old 16.1 hand big beautiful buckskin Draft Cross gelding that wears a #3 shoe. Cap is very athletic for a big horse, and can really get around. He has a very natural gait and covers the ground almost without effort. He is a very personable horse that has...More
Family Ranch Horse
Finished ranch gelding. Family horse. (Cody Horse Sale: Danny is an older horse person. He wastes no words in his descriptions. Danny has been bringing horses for many years and his horses are always sane, safe and sound, Give Danny a call for more info or visit him here at...More
Grulla filly, 2 year old, cross bred. This filly is grulla colored with 4 white legs and a strip. Gentle with a great disposition. Hard to find another that looks this pretty....More
We called him the Brute from the day we got him as he is a big powerful good looking speciman of a crossbred, He is a Percheron-Fresian- Quarter horse cross, This handsome guy will stand 16.1 and has been ridden and used in the mountians and on the ranch, He...More
"JD" is a cool looking cherry red sorrel with the perfect amount of chrome and a flaxen mane and tail! He was born and raised just a few miles from our house, we are his second owner. JD came from some good friends of ours, he has been handled by...More
reining horse ranch horse trail horse gentle mustang
Poco Dinero is Tom's Fort Worth 2018 Extreme Mustang Makeover third place horse and earner of $13,000. Gathered from Wyoming's Adobe Town Herd Management Area, Poco Dinero is a handsome golden palomino with great bone and wears a size one shoe. He only stands 14 hands and weighs 800 lbs...More
Talk about flashy!! We have owned Fancy for the last 5 years. She is extremely gentle and as pretty as a picture!! She is very soft in her face, lopes beautiful cadenced circles, and has had a lot of outside miles on her. If your looking for something safe, and...More
Bay gelding with two left socks, 2 year old, cross bred. This guy could go either direction, English or Western. Out of a Truckle Feature mare and shire stud. He is a nice moving horse, awesome disposition....More
Ranch Horse, All Round Horse, Trail Horse
Tex, MQ Festus Is A Smart Cat, 2013, AQHA gray gelding, grandson of famous reincow horse WR This Cats Smart. This gelding is leggy, big moving, gentle, and fancy broke! He is 16.1 hands and is as easy-going as you can get! That said he is not at all lazy...More
Stitch is a really cool little horse. Do not let his size fool you, this is a tough little man with more timber than train trussel bridge. He is good withered, soft mouthed, and good minded. Came to us started, and has never looked back. Always been the kind of...More
Chief, paint draft cross, trail riding, driving,
Chief is a sorrel & white quarter draft gelding. He's 12 years old, stands 16 hands and weighs 1400 lbs. Chief is a nice, big gelding that we have used in the mountains in our outfitting business and trail riding. He is the kind to throw someone on and he...More
- If you like them big and gentle Wally is your guy. This big percheron/fresian/morgan draft cross will be the same horse every single day. He’s black as a stove pipe, gentle as gentle can be but tough as nails. He will hold up for anyone that climbs on his...More
Black gelding, 2 year old, cross bred. This is a big pretty black gelding. A lot of color. He is breedy looking, excellent mover. Will make a beautiful saddle horse....More
Travis is a nice 6 year old, Friesian draft cross, he will ride and drive, single or double. He has been through town and is a really nice trail horse. He will ride around collected, pick up both leads, side pass, really quiet, and one for the whole family. Good...More
Candy is a 14 hand super horse. She has 4 white socks, a strip down her face, and the most beautiful palomino hide. We have used Candy for everything possible on our ranch. She is safe and gentle for any level of rider. She is extremely athletic, but also calm...More
“Berta” is a 6.25% Driftwood Bred mare. She is athletic with a great disposition, and is super gentle. She’s great for anyone to ride. Been ridden on trails from the Kansas flat lands to the Wyoming Mountains. She moves around really nice, gives to the bit, and moves off your...More
Skip is a 4 yr old 16 hand Cross Bred Gelding. Skip has been used for gathering and sorting pairs as well as lots of trail riding. He is a very kind and well minded 4 year old. Will make someone a great horse for many years. Skip loads, clips,...More
Blonde gelding, 2 year old, cross bred. This is a unique colored horse, out of a palomino mare and Belgium stud, pretty headed, good withered with a big hip. He should weigh 1350 pounds when he is done growing. Good disposition....More
He is a very well put together draftcross with lots of color.stands 16.1hh He rides great with a nice short lope. He has been in elk camp several years and. Is always a favorite. Packs and rides. Does very good on the steep and rocky mountain trails. Nice gentle disposition....More
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