Ranch Horse Competition - Ralston, Wyoming

Ranch Horse Competition Ralston Wyoming near Cody & Powell

Consignors:  To Enter the Ranch Horse Competition, mark entry when posting to Consignment Page.


Each horse shall have a 5-minute time limit to complete the following maneuvers. Time will be kept at the announcer's stand. At the expiration of five (5) minutes,
the announcer will give a 1-minute warning. Exceeding the 5-minute time limit shall cause a 10-point penalty.

At the expiration of six (6) minutes, any horse still attempting to complete the maneuvers will be asked to retire from the arena and will receive no points for any categories not completed.

Horses will be saddled and bridled in a designated area prior to the competition. Horses that do not saddle or bridle properly shall be reported to the judges and up
to a maximum of ten (10) penalty points will be deducted from the overall score. Tie-downs, cavasons and martingales are prohibited.

The competition pattern and scoring is as follows:

  1. Conformation, Overall Appearance & Attitude (0-15 points on Judge's Sheet)

  2. Handling Ability (0-40 points on Judge's Sheet)

    • Each horse will enter the arena bridled and saddled with rope and slicker attached to the saddle.
    • The rider shall trot to the center of the arena and stop facing the main grandstands on the east side of the arena. Time will start when the horse is halted.
    • Pick up left lead, complete two circles to the left. The first one small and slow, the second large and fast.
    • At the center of the arena, the rider shall change leads. Complete two circles to the right – the first circle large and fast and the second circle small and slow.
    • At the center of the arena, the rider shall change leads again and begin a large circle to the left. Do not close this circle, but run straight down the arena past center and slide to a stop. Hesitate. Complete 3 spins to the left. Hesitate. Complete 3 1/2 spins to the right.
    • Run past center of arena to a sliding stop.
    • Back the horse a minimum of fifteen (15) feet.

  3. Cattle Work (0-30 points on Judge's Sheet)

    • Following the back, the rider will call for a cow. One cow will be turned out into the arena. Cattle draw will be by gate cut.
    • Upon receiving the steer in the arena, the rider shall hold the cow on either end of the arena for a sufficient time to adequately demonstrate the ability of the horse to contain a cow at that end (similar to a cutting horse)
    • Next, the rider and horse shall drive the cow down the long side of the arena fence, pass and turn the cow back the opposite direction (similar to an AQHA working cow horse).

  4. Rope and Drag a Cow (0-25 points on Judge's Sheet)

    • Ranch Horse Competitions Ralston WY Cody PowellUpon completion of the cattle work, the rider shall take a rope, build a loop, and rope the cow. Any catch will be considered legal, but only two loops will be permitted.
    • Dally and drag the cow a minimum of twenty (20) feet. The rope tied to the saddle horn is permissible.
    • Release rope from the saddle. Attempting to ride up to the cow and remove the rope from the cow's head will not be permitted.
    • The ability of the horse to run to cattle, rate, and pull will be rewarded by the judges.
    • Unnecessary roughness to cattle will result in disqualification.
  5. Putting on Slicker, Opening Gate, and Closing Gate (0-10 points on Judge's Sheet)

    • Upon completion of the roping and dragging, the rider will put on his/her slicker and exit the arena through the gate by opening and closing the gate from the horse's back. Time will stop when rider has closed the gate.

Sample AQHA Pattern Used

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