HIP #46

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Consignor Bio

  • Reining Horse - Started
  • Kid Horse - Finished
  • Rope Calves - Finished
  • Ranch Horse - Finished
  • Parade Horse - Finished
  • Cutting - Started
  • Trail - Finished
  • Mounted Shooting - Prospect

On Scale of 1-10 = 1=Bombproof
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Sex: Gelding
Color: black
Height: 16.0
Weight: 1250
Registration Status: Other
Registration Number:
Date of Birth:
Age in Years (Grade): 4

Jay is our personal, no hesitation, "go-to" horse for EVERYTHING. Anything you can think of that you could do horseback, from pleasure to work, he will not only do it but he will do it right. Jay was bought as a yearling and has been raised up and trained 100% right here with us, we know him inside and out. From the very beginning Jay has had a natural calmness and maturity about him that is hard to come by. By two years old he was packing beginner riders on trail rides and his demeanor has always been one of a kind. Jay is a finished ranch horse, there is no ranch chore that he hasn't done- gathering, sorting, doctoring, pasture roping, dragging calves to the fire, etc. He will saddle up the same for you at 5 am in the dark on a cold morning as he will on a pretty spring day. He has a beautiful handle, packs the bridle with a nice low headset, is soft in your hand and stays in between the reins. He works off of leg pressure, seat pressure, and can be ridden bridle-less, in a halter, in a big fancy bit or with a shoe string. He turns around nice and correct, has a very nice stop and back up, is just an all around fancy ride. But don't let that intimidate you, we have trained Jay to be very versatile, anybody with any different riding style is going to be able to sync up with him quick! He has been taught to lay down on cue for someone that doesn't want to climb on from the ground, but he will also stand like a statue for you to mount normally! Jay has packed flags for the national anthem and for drill, he has been ridden in multiple parades and ridden along side the highway and to the local bar for a cold beer on a hot summer day. He has been packed on and rode hundreds of miles in rough country for hunting camp, he leads, follows, rides off alone or with others. He crosses fast running water, creeks and streams, bridges, downfall, etc. He has won trail course competitions and team pennings. He has competed in ranch ropings as well as ranch sortings. He stands to be caught, will stand patiently all day long to be tied, and enjoys being pampered getting his mane and tail braided, he will be your farriers favorite horse, hauls great and loads and backs up out of the trailer on his own, and although he is the alpha of most any herd, he isnt a bully about it. This is the true definition of an all around, safe for anyone, solid horse. You will be proud to own him and you will put him up with a smile on your face every time. No blemishes, straight legged, stout and sound. Call us to set up a time to come meet him and take him for a ride. You wont be disappointed! 406-570-4936
no blemishes
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