Big Handsome

HIP #15

Marijn Werquin
307 765 2080

  • Ranch Horse - Finished
  • Trail - Finished

On Scale of 1-10 = 5
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Sex: Gelding
Color: bay
Height: 17
Registration Status: Grade, Not Registered
Registration Number:
Date of Birth:
Age in Years (Grade): 8
VIDEO | Big Handsome

DESCRIPTION | Big Handsome
SAH Tiekies Handsome Zip, aka “Big Handsome” is, just like his name suggests, a very tall and great looking horse. Standing a little over 17 hands, he is an elegant mover and has just the right amount of “go”. Big Handsome was sired by a Quarter Horse and his dam is a Percheron x Thoroughbred mix. He has been ridden extensively on trails and easily crosses water, mud or logs. He spent many days in the Bighorn Mountains gathering cattle and isn’t bothered by long days or rough country. Big Handsome will lope circles, picks up his leads, stops nicely, backs up and has good turn arounds, all while carrying himself nicely. He loads, saddles and bridles easily and is calm while being shoed. Big Handsome is a great horse for a good hand.
PEDIGREE | Big Handsome
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