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gary cooper

  • Ranch Horse - Started
  • Trail - Started
  • Mounted Shooting - Started

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Sex: Gelding
Color: palomino overo
Height: 15.1
Weight: 1200
Registration Status: APHA
Registration Number: 1041517
Date of Birth: 5/07/2014
Age in Years (Grade):
VIDEO | skip
Skip is a 4 year old palomino overo gelding that stands 15.1 hands. we have had skip since he was a yearling and he grew up right here on the 10,000 acre ranch outside cody, wyoming where we run our business. He is extremely gentle, loves people and is in youre back pocket where ever you go. You can catch him anywhere and you can ride him anywhere by himself. he loves any new job you can think of to give him, and he is excited to learn and investigate new things. Skip will make a very reliable seasoned trail or arena horse, he has tons of heart and try. he is quiet and doesn't get bothered by anything out there natural or manmade!! he lopes really good circles, picks up his leads, sidepasses, great with opening and closing gates, while staying really soft in his face. you will love how this horse moves off youre leg. Skip has been riden thru and over every obstacle you can think of. he crosses deep water easily, travels over tarps and logs, off jumps, ect., ect. we used him last year as our demonstration horse on our extreme obstacle course during our ranch horse challenge competition, and he was only 3 years old. I have drug elk on him during hunting season, moved cattle, flagged colts , roped, cracked a whip and shot off of him. I cant say enough about what this horse will tolerate! its amazing! Skip is also extremely friendly with other horses, any age and sex. There will be a video available soon on our website We would love to visit with you about any other questions you may have about skip. please call gary at 307-272-0782 We really want skip to find his forever home.
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