Turner's Licorice

HIP #027

Turner Performance Horses

  • Rope Heel - Finished
  • Reining Horse - Finished
  • Kid Horse - Finished
  • Rope Calves - Started
  • Ranch Horse - Finished
  • Parade Horse - Finished
  • Cutting - Finished
  • Trail - Finished
  • Mounted Shooting - Finished

On Scale of 1-10 = 2
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Sex: Gelding
Color: BLACK
Height: 14.3
Weight: 1200
Registration Status: Grade, Not Registered
Registration Number: Friesian Cross
Date of Birth:
Age in Years (Grade): 9
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DESCRIPTION | Turner's Licorice
Our Licorice is a Friesian Cross gelding standing 14.3 1/2 hands. Cream of the crop, babysitter, first time horse. Licorice is going to make a lifetime of memories for someone special!! You cannot find a better temperament on a horse- always happy to see you always meeting you at the gate. Very sweet, loving and easy to train where he picks up new things with ease. He has a very smooth walk, trot, and lopes in the palm of your hand. Hand a solid neck rein, and moves off your leg. In addition to being ridden western he also works beautifully in an english saddle. Licorice knows a lot of tricks as well from laying down to picking your rope up for you. He has been exposed to everything from over night trail rides in the mountains, riding in heavy traffic, gathering and sorting bucking bulls, working cattle, last but not least he horse we put novice riders on time after time. Professional to beginner he will work for you. With looks to die for and the trainability of his mind, you will be noticed where ever you go, and will be able to do what ever you want to do with this guy. You could take him to the show ring, or just have that gorgeous back yard dream horse, the choice is yours here. UTD on worming, dental and farrier. Come and meet this doll for yourself and you will for sure have to go home with him. Tears will be shed when he is handed over. Be sure to cheer Licorice on in the ranch horse competition!! For more info visit www.TurnerPerformanceHorses.com or phone 406-381-2347.
PEDIGREE | Turner's Licorice
Quarter Horse
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