HIP #048

Scott Kincheloe

  • Rope Heel - Prospect
  • Kid Horse - Started
  • Ranch Horse - Started
  • Barrel Horse - Started
  • Parade Horse - Started
  • Trail - Finished

On Scale of 1-10 = 2
horse disposition scale
Sex: Mare
Color: Bay
Height: 15
Weight: 1100
Registration Status: Grade, Not Registered
Registration Number:
Date of Birth: 2013
Age in Years (Grade): 6
VIDEO | Brandy
Brandy has been our main mount for the last two years guiding hunts. She’s one you can count on no matter the situation and easy to catch in the pasture. Jump on her halter and bareback when time is crucial or use her for riding lessons for a beginner. Down timber, shale, water, ice and grizzlies this horse has been there and done that. She’s led lots of strings and will fit in the front, middle, or drag, packed meat, horns, hounds, and even mountain lions with no complaints. She’s worked cattle and seems to like it. She has a big stop and it wouldn’t take much to make her a jam up heel horse. Lopes correct circles on a loose reign, flying lead changes, patterned on the barrels and is level headed the entire time. Don’t let all the buttons keep anyone in the family from riding her. She’s a true family horse with her sweet disposition. Her sire is Poco Doc Tari bred and the dam was King Fritz bred. Don’t have a trailer?.... No problem. Load her in the back of the truck and take her home in a livestock rack. For more information please contact Scott & Sarah Kincheloe at (307)587-6711 or (307)899-0623
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